Coordinating the UN's work on water and sanitation

UN-Water Inventory. An overview of the UN-Water family’s work on water and sanitation

The current reform of the UN development system emphasizes the need for increased collaboration and coordination across the UN system, which is especially relevant for water and sanitation issues. The UN Secretary-General’s report on repositioning the UN development system to deliver on the 2030 Agenda highlighted “significant gaps in our collective support for water and sanitation (Sustainable Development Goal 6)” and “significant overlaps in our work”.

In this context, UN-Water provides a platform to collectively respond to the identified gaps and accelerate progress towards water and sanitation related goals and targets.

The recently launched UN-Water Inventory provides an overview of the collective work of the UN-Water ‘family’: UN-Water’s Members and Partners working on water and sanitation-related goals and targets. The UN-Water Inventory is meant to become a tool for increased coordination, collaboration and harnessing of synergies to accelerate progress on SDG 6. While the Inventory report provides an initial overview of current activities, the collected information is also being turned into a dynamic, online web tool on the UN-Water website that can be periodically updated to reflect new programmes while increasing collaboration between UN and non-UN entities.


Download the UN-Water Inventory here.