Coordinating the UN's work on water and sanitation


To ‘deliver as one’ on water issues, UN-Water coordinates the efforts of our Members and Partners.

UN-Water's organizational chart

UN-Water's organizational chart

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Members and Partners

UN agencies, programmes and funds with a water-related mandate are Members of UN-Water. Partners are international organizations, professional unions, associations or other civil-society groups that are actively involved in water and that have the capacity and willingness to contribute tangibly to the work of UN-Water.

Senior Programme Managers

The UN-Water Senior Programme Managers (SPMs) are the representatives of the UN-Water Members at UN-Water. They provide the overall governance and strategic direction. Collectively, they constitute the highest operational decision-making body of UN-Water.

Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary

The Chair of UN-Water is nominated among the UN Executive Heads, after consultations in the UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination. The Vice-Chair of UN-Water is elected among the UN-Water Senior Programme Managers. The Secretary of UN-Water is a staff member of UN-DESA in New York. The Secretary serves in a personal capacity and not in representation of UN-DESA.