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World Water Day Trailer

18 March, 2015

Water links to almost everything in the world. Health. Nature. Urbanization. Industry. Energy. Food. Equality.  In this animated film, UN-Water aims to show how water underpins sustainable... Read more

Teaching material in seven languages

18 March, 2015

World Water Day is an opportunity for students to learn about water issues. This year, one of the World Water Day partners, Cap-Net, has developed materials for... Read more

2015 World Water Day website live

11 February, 2015

The World Water Day website takes the visitor on a journey to learn about water and sustainable development through short informative texts and visuals... Read more

World Water Day in India

4 February, 2015

With less than two months to go to World Water Day (22 March) many organizations and groups are preparing events and activities. The official UN-Water... Read more

Why Waste?

3 February, 2015

Only 20% of global wastewater is currently being treated, leaving low-income countries hardest hit by contaminated water supplies and disease, according to the UN-Water Analytical Brief on Wastewater... Read more